Dyed Emotions is a New Wave/Synthpop/Electronic Alt-Rock band that formed in Seattle, Washington in the late 1990's. Though often compared to Depeche Mode or "80's Music", Dyed Emotions offers intellectual pop filled with what the Seattle Weekly called "giddy bliss and goofy gloom." Blending synthesizers and vocal harmonies with gritty guitar and other instruments, Dyed Emotions creates a soundscape easily suited for either teased hair and dark eyeliner or hiking boots and denim.

Dyed Emotions' latest album, Celebratory Fire, was released December 20, 2020, and finds original members Michael Raven and Arn Poe joined by new musicians Dent Leavitt and Nevara. If you'd like to listen to it, click here!

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dEcumentary: A short film behind the scenes of Dyed Emotions's new album, "Celebratory Fire."


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